Elena Quereda – Associate

Elena began her professional career in Granada, at the Conservation Service of the Alhambra, working as an urban designer at the Monumental Complex. On 2013 she went on to move to London and continued her career specialising in residential and commercial projects.

Joining Frost Architects in early 2015, Elena been involved in a wide variety of projects, from small houses to large scale commercial schemes. She likes to think of architecture as if was a big 3D puzzle, where she enjoys the satisfaction of all the pieces fitting perfectly together. Recognizing the profound impact of architecture on people’s lives, Elena adopts an environmentally conscious approach to each project, striving to effect positive change.

Elena’s outstanding work as a student has garnered recognition through publications and exhibitions across cities like Madrid, Riga, and Frankfurt. In her free time, she enjoys playing volleyball, travelling around the world, and spending time with her family.