Frost were recently commissioned to design a new business centre utilising shipping containers. We were selected for the design because of our previous experience of creating architecture with containers. The Box Yard is a complex of office and retail units along with outdoor break-out spaces, meeting rooms and a cafe on a 1-acre site. The layout of the containers is designed to promote a lively community atmosphere centred around a series of public and private spaces. The concept allows for flexibility in office sizes with each provided with plenty of natural daylight and ventilation.

Utilising shipping containers gives flexibility in office sizes by stacking and combining to create a variety of unit sizes. Double stacked containers can either be separated on each level and accessed individually or provided as duplex units. Each module has link blocks that form the perimeter of the courtyard spaces and provide additional office space. The flexibility of designing with shipping containers allows this concept to be applied to a variety of existing landscapes in urban or rural settings, with the speed and ease afforded by this form of construction.